kind words


tiffany b. - private client, studio regular

Andrea is an exceptional yoga instructor. I’ve been fortunate enough to have taken her classes in various settings- studios around Seattle as well as privately in my own home. Having sustained a wrist injury requiring surgery and an entire year away from yoga, I was nervous to get back into it. Andrea listened to my concerns, assessed my limitations and tailored classes to meet me at my level. I feel so lucky to have found such a talented, experienced and wise person to learn from. From her guidance in adjustments, attention to detail, and sequencing of beautiful flows, her yoga instruction is top notch. On and off the mat- she is an absolute delight. Everyone should take her classes!

evelina m. - fellow yoga teacher, studio regular

Working with Andrea is a pleasure. Not only is her teaching clear, concise, and intentional, but she also holds the most beautiful space for her students. Each time she enters the studio she spreads warmth and joy through her smile, humor, and energy. Her voice is soothing and clear, her verbal cues excellent, and physical adjustments gentle but effective. Her sequences are well-paced and well thought out. As a teacher, I learn something new from her every time I take her class. I whole-heartedly recommend working with Andrea for any and all of your yoga needs!

natalie p. - fellow yoga teacher, studio regular

I have had the pleasure of taking Andrea’s classes for a few years now and can say that she truly has a gift for teaching. She is a beacon of joy, automatically lighting up the studio with her contagious smile and positivity. I find her carefully curated sequences to be fun, fresh, playful, and challenging. Andrea caters to both new students and longtime practitioners, allowing for an inclusive and rewarding class experience for all. A steadfast commitment to her own personal practice is evident through the yoga knowledge she imparts, coupled with thoughtful adjusts, helpful alignment cues, and relevant insights and contemplations. Expect to have a few laughs, grow your practice, and safely experiment with new postures or inversions under her guidance. You are definitely in for a treat when you get to practice with Andrea!

anna g. - studio owner, fellow yoga teacher

Andrea is one of them most upbeat, warm, genuine people I have ever had the pleasure of knowing! She has a beautiful yoga practice and her passion for teaching others and sharing this gift is clear to see. Her classes are creative and challenging with a focus on safe alignment, connection to self and finding joy and freedom in the practice. She is super committed & reliable, a great communicator and genuinely cares about her students and enriching lives through yoga.

tim p. - private client, studio regular

If you want to improve your athleticism, increase flexibility, strengthen your core, or just simply feel healthy - Andrea is your teacher. I love her method of picking a focus area each class, warming up appropriately, and offering challenging postures to advance your practice and your body. And she is INCREDIBLE at making adjustments, which is the major advantage to doing a private class with her instead of public.

jeremin m. - studio owner, fellow yoga teacher

I highly recommend Andrea to any future employer as a yoga instructor. During our initial interview, she struck me as someone very approachable, with an easy-going attitude and obviously had the technical teaching expertise to back up her beautiful personal practice. Her employment confirmed my impressions, and then some! Andrea has made a significant impact in both the Hot Dog Yoga team and the wider community.

Andrea’s classes were exceptionally well planned, intelligently sequenced and accessible to beginners while offering a challenge for experienced yogis. The energy she brought to classes was infectious – she managed to make the clients smile even while doing core work!