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Join me for weekly public classes at studios in North Seattle. Check this calendar for a complete schedule, with guest teaching and holiday / sub updates. Pre-registering through the studio’s website [links below] is recommended.


Commune Yoga | WALLINGFORD
Mondays 6:15 am
Vinyasa | Warm | 60 mins

Tuesdays 6:45 pm
Vinyasa | Warm | 60 mins

Shakti Vinyasa Seattle | BALLARD
Thursdays 6 am
Vinyasa | Heated | 60 mins

Seattle Yoga Lounge | GREEN LAKE
Thursdays 12 pm
Power Flow | Heated | 60 mins

Fridays 9:30 am
Slow Flow | Heated | 60 mins

what studio owners are saying

“Andrea is one of them most upbeat, warm, genuine people I have ever had the pleasure of knowing! She has a beautiful yoga practice and her passion for teaching others and sharing this gift is clear to see. Her classes are creative and challenging with a focus on safe alignment, connection to self and finding joy and freedom in the practice. I would recommend her to any yoga studio looking to hire new teachers - she is super committed & reliable, a great communicator and genuinely cares about her students and enriching lives through yoga."

- Anna Goater, Owner of Sona Yoga, Sydney

“I highly recommend Andrea to any future employer as a yoga instructor. During our initial interview, she struck me as someone very approachable, with an easy-going attitude and obviously had the technical teaching expertise to back up her beautiful personal practice. Her employment confirmed my impressions, and then some! Andrea has made a significant impact in both the Hot Dog Yoga team and the wider community.

Andrea’s classes were exceptionally well planned, intelligently sequenced and accessible to beginners while offering a challenge for experienced yogis. The energy she brought to classes was infectious – she managed to make the clients smile even while doing core work! “

-Jeremin Mak, Owner of Hot Dog Yoga, Sydney