my bio


once upon a time…

Yoga and I found each other over a decade ago, and I relied on her often to manage stress that accompanied my pursuit of an engineering degree.  My relationship with yoga has endured, offering endless outlets to explore and to serve. Meanwhile, the focus of my detail & process oriented engineering mind shifted from molecular reactions to better understanding the structures, programs, and mystery of our bodies, minds, and spirits.  I pursued my first YTT at Sonic Yoga in the vibrant, creative theater district of NYC in 2012 and have been teaching ever since!

teaching style & experience

Practicing with me, expect to be guided through a prepared flow with a smile & enthusiasm. I plan my classes with a specific energetic & movement focus, and aim to use language that offers a fresh, clear inquiry for both beginners and advanced practitioners.  I nerd out on about anatomy and alignment, but not a one-size-fits-all winners-and-losers kind of way. Rather, using physical action & sensation as a gateway to help us pay attention to what’s going on, to have a unique experience with a familiar form.

Students coming to yoga as their main practice who want to learn how to refine the way they move and delve deeper into the mental & energetic aspects of the practice, or those who want their yoga to compliment other sports & hobbies, are likely to resonate with my class offerings.


training & continued education

A forever student, I’ve studied over 800 hours with well respected educators of movement and mindfulness across the seas, including Ido Portal, Dylan Werner, Lorin Roche, Sally Kempton, Shiva Rae, & David Goulet. Most profoundly (and recently), I’ve been influenced and inspired by Annie Carpenter’s SmartFLOW method; with which I’m pursuing a 300 hour certification. My daily practice solidifies learnings into experience & continues to drive physical, mental, and spiritual growth.

on & off the mat

Yoga has been an anchor through the constant of change, from job shifts, moving cities - even countries, to hobbies! Most recently, planting roots in Seattle after 3 years working, teaching, and improving my relationship with the Ocean via world-class beaches in Sydney, Australia.

In my free time, you'll find me getting to know my new home of Seattle and its surrounding beauty by foot, ski, and climbing shoe, cooking meals for family and friends, or searching for a rescue pup to take home. I love pour over coffee. and croissants. and obnoxiously healthy food. and wine. I adore my animal spirit cards and like to spoil my self with acupuncture & an occasional steam sauna.